How to Use the Sonos App

You can now use Ray to control any Sonos speaker wirelessly. This app is currently in beta so you will only be able to browse and play what has been added to your Sonos Favorites.

To add the Sonos app on Ray, tap on the "+" button on the bottom of the home screen, scroll down and select "Sonos" from the list.


Connecting your Sonos to Ray
Once you have added the Sonos app to your home screen, Ray will need to find your Sonos system. To do this, open the Sonos app and tap on "Find my System." Ray will search for a Sonos system on the Wi-Fi network that Ray is connected to, so make sure that your Ray and Sonos speakers are on the same Wi-Fi network.
Sonos Favorites
Here you will find everything that you have added to your Sonos Favorites. Scroll up and down to browse the list and tap music content to start listening. To manage your Sonos Favorites, please use an official Sonos controller app

Below the "Sonos Favorites" header on this screen, you will notice the current room name. Tapping on the label will expose a dropdown to access room control.

The bottom of the screen shows what is currently playing in the selected room(s). To play or pause what is currently playing, tap on the play or pause button on the right. Tapping or swiping up on the music title on the left will open up the detail screen.
Now Playing 
The Now Playing screen features album art and basic playback controls. The room that is being controlled will appear on the top of the screen. Tap the text to access room control.

Tapping on the top left down arrow or swiping down anywhere on the screen will bring you back to the list of your Sonos Favorites.
Room Control
Room control on Ray allows you to switch the control of the music for each of your rooms individually. Tap on the room label to change control to the room you selected.

You can also group rooms together if you'd like to play the same music in multiple rooms. To do this, tap on the "Group" button and select the rooms that you want to group together. Rooms with a green checkmark next to their name are included in the group and those without a checkmark are not included.



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