Teaching Ray to Control any IR Device

Do you have a device that Ray isn't compatible with but uses IR? Great! With Ray's learning ability you are able to teach Ray the necessary buttons to control it. Before we start, please ask yourself: when do you normally use the device? For example, do you normally use it while watching cable? Or listening to your receiver? Or when you are using your Apple TV?

This question is important because you will be adding the taught buttons to the virtual remote of a supported device. For example: if you are teaching Ray the buttons of your fan and you watch cable most often, then you would probably like to have the fan buttons on your cable remote for convenient access.

Great! So with that out of the way, sit down with both your Ray and your device's remote and let's get to teachin'.   

1. On Ray’s home screen, tap the Settings icon
2. Tap on "Devices"
3. Select the device that you would like to add this button to. We are going to use "TV" for this example.

4. Tap on "Advanced Settings" (you may need to scroll down to find it).


5. Tap on "Customize Commands."
6. In the "My Commands" section at the top of this screen, tap on "Add Custom Command."

 7. Enter the name of the button you want to add then tap “Continue."


8. Point your original remote at Ray and press the button that you want to teach Ray. The illustration shows how you should position Ray and your original remote. To minimize interference, avoid placing the remotes on top of a glass table and keep them out of fluorescent lighting.

Ray will ask you to blast the button twice in order to confirm that Ray has learned it.

When successful, a confirmation screen will appear to show that Ray is saving the learned button.

Need more help? Here's a short video clip showing how to teach Ray.




9. You will be brought to a screen where you can "Test" the newly taught button or "Teach Again". Tap “Done” if you are satisfied with the new button.
10. The new button is now shown in the "My Commands" section. Tap on it here to test, re-teach or delete it.

The new button that you taught Ray will now appear in the virtual remote. Learn how to add this button to your remote's grid in How to customize your Virtual Remotes.

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