How does Ray update its software?

We want to make sure Ray is the last remote you will ever need, and that means it should keep itself up-to-date with changes in your living room and in your home: new devices are introduced, new technologies become popular. We built Ray to be super flexible so that new functionality and features can be activated with just a software update. 

Your Ray should receive a software update every six to twelve weeks, depending on our update roll-out schedule. These updates contain things from small bug fixes and improvements to major features and new equipment support. We will always get in touch with you via email when a new software update is starting to roll out, and let you know what you should expect with the update. Make sure you're subscribed to our newsletter so you'll be in the know!

Most software updates are small and unnoticeable, but occasionally we will issue larger system updates that might take a few minutes to download and install. We know that Ray should always be available to you, and the last thing we want is having you wait for a software update to finish so you can use your Ray!

To make sure that all updates are installed quickly and without any assistance from you, here are some recommendations:

  • Keep Ray in the charger when not in use: Whenever your Ray is not being used for long periods of time (e.g. at night), leave it on the charging stand. When Ray is undisturbed in the charging stand for longer periods, it will check for an update every few hours and will download and update software updates automatically. 
  • Watch out for weak Wifi signal: Make sure the charging stand is placed in a location that has a strong Wifi signal. That way Ray will be able to quickly download any available software updates. 

If you follow these simple recommendations, all software update installations should happen in the background and be completely unnoticeable. 

How do I check if my Ray has the latest software version?

Just go to Settings > General > About This Ray > Check for Update. Ray will perform a quick check and see if there's an update available for you. Please note that we make our software updates available to users over the course of a whole week, which means it may take a few days for an announced software update to be available to you.

What if the software update doesn't happen in the background?

Sometimes the software update will not happen in the background and requires your assistance. There are a few reasons for this:

  • Ray was not able to download the update: If Ray was not able to download the update because of weak Wifi signal, you will have to take Ray to a location with strong Wifi signal and check for an update by going to Settings > General > About This Ray > Check for Update. Ray will then download the update. You will need to confirm the update installation once the download is finished. 
  • Ray was not able to install the update: If Ray was able to download the update but not install, this normally happens because your battery level is too low. Please leave your Ray in the charger and either wait a few hours for the update to be installed automatically or try going to Settings > General > About This Ray > Check for Update when the battery has charged to the required level.


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