How Ray Connects to Devices

Ray connects with most devices through infrared (IR) communication, the same technology used by traditional remote controls. Hitting a button on a traditional remote and on Ray sends a particular IR code to tell your device what to do. For example, hitting the “Power on” button sends the IR code that tells the device to turn on. A "code set” is made up of all the individual IR codes needed for all of your device's functions.
During setup, Ray needs to identify the correct IR code set used by each device. We have a “library” of IR code sets for all the device brands that Ray supports. Many brands have several different code sets that they use across their various devices and models. For these brands, we may need to test several code sets before finding the one that matches your device. You can see how many possible code sets there are for your device where it says "Attempt X of Y" on the screen.  

For each attempt, we’ll test one or more buttons. If those buttons test successfully, then we’ve found a matching code set. Sometimes we’ll get a match with the first code set we try, other times it may take a few attempts. This is our way of making sure that Ray will work properly with your devices.

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