Connecting with Your Set-top Box

Once you've connected Ray to your TV set, it's time to get it talking to your cable box or satellite receiver. Before you get started, make sure there's a clear path between Ray and your cable box or satellite receiver so the infrared signals can get through unobstructed (no furniture, people, or pets in the way).

Note: If you have a Wi-Fi enabled DISH or DIRECTV receiver, check out these other guides: Connecting with your DISH Hopper or Joey or Connecting with your Wi-Fi Enabled DIRECTV receiver.

1. Turn on everything you need so you can see a cable or satellite channel playing on your TV. Tap the button to start.

2. Tap the brand name of your cable box. Swipe to scroll through the list to find it, or start typing the brand in the search box until you see it come up.

Note: This screen might be skipped if we have a good idea of what will work in the next step based on your TV service.

I can't find my device brand

3. Next, Ray will provide some buttons to test which infrared codes will successfully control your cable box or satellite receiver. Depending on the brand, Ray may test only one or several buttons, and it may take a few attempts (of sets of buttons) to find the right codes to connect with your device.

Tap the first button presented; Ray will send a signal to your device to perform the function of the button—so watch your cable box/satellite receiver and TV screen to see if anything happens (you can tap a few times to be sure).

What do the test buttons mean?

4.Tap "Yes" or "No" to let Ray know whether the test button successfully controlled your cable box/satellite receiver.

If you choose "No," Ray will attempt another set of buttons. (They may be the same functions, but this time Ray will try them with different IR codes.)

Repeat steps 3-4 for as many test buttons as Ray presents to you; when Ray is satisfied it's found the right set of infrared codes to connect with your cable box or satellite receiver, you'll see a "Hello Cable," "Hello DISH" or "Hello DIRECTV" screen.

5. Tap the "Turn it back on" button.

6. Once your cable box or satellite receiver comes back on, hooray! Ray has successfully connected to it, and you can move on.

Ray doesn't turn my device back on

Note: Throughout the setup process, you can always tap the back button to re-do a step.

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