A Tour of the TV App

The days of scrolling through endless pages of on-screen guides are over. Ray’s Live TV is your go-to app to find something to watch right now. It provides you with quick access to your favorite channels, with an at-a-glance look at what’s on and what’s coming up soon.  Live TV also pulls together programming from across all your channels grouped by genre and recommends content to you based on what you enjoy watching.

To watch live TV from your cable or satellite provider, tap the “TV” icon on the Ray Super Remote’s home screen. This launches Ray’s TV app, which accesses the next 14 days’ worth of program listings from your TV provider and presents it to you in a variety of useful and inviting ways. Remember, you can always swipe left and right on the TV app to browse all of Ray's recommendations. 
Here’s an overview of the key features of Ray’s TV app...

“My Channels” for Quick Access to Your Favorites

Upon launching the TV app, the first thing you’ll see is the “On My Channels” screen. This is the first of several screens into which Ray organizes program recommendations for you. “On My Channels” lists the programs that are currently playing on the channels you’ve specified as your favorites.

In the TV app’s top-left corner is a heart-shaped button, with a number indicating how many “favorite” channels you currently have in your “My Channels” list. Tap that button and the main screen slides partially down to reveal your current list of “My Channels,” plus the ability to customize them.

When you tap on a show in a list, Ray will tune in to that channel, and will even turn on your TV and Set Top Box for you if they’re off, or switch your TV to the correct input if you happen to be using something other than your Set Top Box at that moment.
Interest Screens for Program Recommendations
In addition to “My Channels,” the TV app includes several other Interest screens corresponding to categories of programming (for example, “Action & Adventure,” “Comedy,” or “Talk Shows”) that you tell Ray you’re interested in.

By default, the first four Interest screens are format-based (Movies, Shows, Kids, News), and the following Interest screens are genre-based. The genre-based screens you see at first are selected when you’re setting up Ray, and you can add, remove and reorder them whenever you want.

Each interest screen is a long vertical display of Ray’s program recommendations for you within that category.

  • Swipe up and down within an Interest screen to view all Ray’s recommended programs in that Interest
  • Swipe right and left to move between different Interest screens
  • Tap a program image on an Interest screen to start watching it immediately, or tap its title or “>” button to view its Program Detail screen

The title at the top-center of the TV app tells you what Interest screen you’re currently viewing, and under it a series of dots indicates the total number of Interests and where you are within that list.

In each Interest screen, you can quickly see how long a movie or TV program has run and how much time is left with explicit start and end times as well as a progress bar.  If a program or movie is ending within the next 10 minutes it will be hidden to prevent you from tuning to programs that are ending shortly.

Genre screens can also show you what’s coming up - anything recommended for you within the next 5 hours will be available in the “Later today” section of interest cards. From this area you can learn more about this program/movie and set a reminder so that you can be reminded when this is available on TV. 
Reminders to Alert You of Upcoming Programs
If you keep swiping right through the Interest screens, you’ll reach the Reminders screen (the far-left screen in the list), where you’ll find a list of any Reminders you’ve set to alert yourself about upcoming shows before they start airing. You can set a reminder from many different places throughout Ray, but they’ll all be listed together on this Reminders screen for quick access.

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From the Reminders screen, swipe left again to get back to the TV app’s other Interest screens.
The TV Menu: Quick Access to Full Listings & Other Key Features
At the top-right of the TV app screen you’ll see a “hamburger” menu (three horizontal lines); tap it to open the TV menu, which provides quick access to key features:

  • Schedule– Tap this button to see your TV provider’s full program listings on the Ray remote screen—it’s Ray’s equivalent of the TV guide you see on your TV screen’s guide
    Find out more on “Channel-Surfing”

To close the TV menu and return to your last viewed TV app screen, tap the “X” button in the top-right corner.
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